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Newlec NL3620N Mains Powered CO Detector (BRK CO850Mi)

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Newlec NL3620N Mains Powered CO Detector (BRK CO850Mi)PLEASE NOTE.
The Newlec NL3620N is actually the CO850Mi manufactured by BRK
If a NL3620N is ordered we will send out a BRK CO850Mi which will fit the existing fittings of the NL3620N.

  • Detects harmful levels of carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Fully automatic sensor test
  • Instant test/reset button
  • Loud 85db alarm
  • BSEN50291:2001
  • Interlink up to 18 CO alarms
  • 5 year guarantee

Product out of stock, waiting for new supplier (date unknown) but the related item NL3624N (CO850MBXi) below will fit the same fittings.