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Insect-o-Cutor Industrial 60W Stainless Steel Fly Killer IPX44 - IND62

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Insect-o-Cutor Industrial 60W Stainless Steel Fly Killer IPX44 - IND62Industrial - Designed for ultimate performance in food processing and warehousing premises, abattoirs, breweries, bottling and packing plants, the powerful Industrial killing grid range covers up to 300m and is supplied with shatterproof lamps as standard.


High efficacy Synergetic UV tubes

Patented technology with dual wavelength for an increased catch

High performance killing grid
Removable killing grid for easy cleaning of the unit

Shatterproof tubes as standard
Teflon® FEP coated shatterproof tubes for hazardous and sensitive areas

Two way mounting for flexible installation
Simple wall or ceiling mounting with no extra parts

Tool free maintenance
Tool free maintenance allows easy cleaning and lamp replacement

Complete peace of mind
Five year product guarantee (excluding tubes)

Independent certification
Independently tested and certified to European Standards

Robust construction
All metal construction with white polyester finish for strength and durability