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Honeywell HF500LPG Residential Flammable Gas Detector - Liquefied Petroleum Gas

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Honeywell HF500LPG Residential Flammable Gas Detector - Liquefied Petroleum GasThe HF500LPG is used for the detection of LPG

The HF500LPG can either be used as a stand-alone device or it can be directly wired to a solenoid valve or control panel/alarm system. Please send an email to for information

    High reliability
  • Approved to EN50194-1:2009 by BSI (Kitemarked KM 590203)
  • Catalytic flammable gas sensor
  • Professional design
  • Hard-wired for peace of mind
    Easy to operate and use by the end-user
  • Clearly visible status indication LEDs: power, alarm, fault
  • Loud 85dB alarm
  • Button for test and alarm mute
    Low total cost of ownership
  • Optimised for easy wiring
  • Direct connection to a solenoid valve
  • 5 year product life with 2 year guarantee
    Easy to install
  • Easy to access wiring terminal
  • Cable entry from the back or via mini trunking from the sides or bottom
  • Fits to standard electrical installation boxes
  • The design allows the alarm to be replaced without rewiring
  • Installer mode to test the functionality of the relays
    Designed for residential environments
  • Small, compact design with stylish look, optimised for residential settings
    Complete solution
  • Integrated alarm relay can operate normally open and normally closed solenoid valves for automatic gas shut off
  • Alarm and fault relays can also be used to connect to a control panel/alarm system
  • Honeywell also offers a range of suitable solenoid valves