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FireAngel Cold Temperature Alarm CDA-9X

£ 16.99
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FireAngel Cold Temperature Alarm CDA-9XDuring an average winter, 25,000 people die as a result of ‘extreme cold weather’ in England and Wales. 
Mild hypothermia increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and respiratory disease – and the likelihood of falls.
Cold weather and poorly heated homes create a severe risk to health, particularly for the old, the infirm and the very young.
The cost to society is enormous: 25 000 deaths; 200 000 admissions to hospital; 750 000 social service calls; 800 000 out-patient visits.
For many, heating their home is a financial struggle: 4 million households (19%) are in fuel poverty*. This could rise to 9.2 million by 2016 (43%)

Product Description

The FireAngel Cold Alarm provides an early warning before the room temperature falls to a dangerously low level.
A sheet that summarises the alert levels can be found here Heating can then be concentrated in a single room or residents can move to a warmer area or seek help before hyperthermia or worse occurs.

•Easy to install
•Completely portable
•A series of visual and audible warnings when the temperature drops
•Large easy press test and silence button
•Auto self-check
•Sealed alarm with internal power pack lasting 10 years * The Telegraph 17/5/12