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FireAngel CO-9D Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Digital 7 Year Life

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FireAngel CO-9D Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Digital 7 Year LifeProduct Description

Provides early warning of the presence of low or high levels of CO in your home through alarm and LCD display.
An internal power pack will power the alarm for 7 years in normal operating conditions.
The digital LCD display shows low levels of CO down to 10ppm and also peak readings over the previous 4 weeks.
The display can be switched between CO monitor and the integrated digital thermometer
Easy to install.
Portable so can be taken on holiday or installed within the home
85db alarm at 1m CO 'sniff mode' test facility. This will also show low level readings down to 10ppm and peak level readings over the last 4 weeks
Automatic self diagnostic check Integrated digital thermometer.
Switchable between temperature and CO modes
Ideal for everyone, especially those most at risk e.g. pregnant mums, children and the elderly, caravan and motorhome owners Kitemark certified to quality standard BS EN 50291-2010-1