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BRK DICON M300i Battery Powered Smoke Alarm with Interlink

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BRK DICON M300i Battery Powered Smoke Alarm with InterlinkThis alarm now replaces the BRK 83RIECN

We are waiting for the new importer to inform us when this item will be available.
- UPDATED 21st NOVEMBER 2018 -

Product Description

The Micro 300i Linkable Smoke Alarm can be linked to up to 11 other suitable smoke and heat alarms.
This extends security economically over a large area; when one sounds they all do.
Pressing the test button confirms that the interconnect is operating.


  • 9 volt - battery operated
  • Can be linked to as many as 11 other suitable battery operated alarms
  • Low battery warning
  • Compact design
  • Battery included
  • Dual ionisation sensor
  • Loud piezo electric alarm
  • 5 year guarantee on alam
  • BS EN 14604: 2005
Technical Specifications
  • Detection Method - Ionisation
  • Dimensions - 111mm diameter x 37mm high
  • Battery Life - 1/2 years
  • Recommended Operating Temp. Range - 5 to 38
  • Alarm Sound Level - 85dBat 3M