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BRK DICON 440SRIM (441SRIM Enhanced) Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Relay

Discontinued Product
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BRK DICON 440SRIM (441SRIM Enhanced) Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with RelayThis product is no longer available in Europe but a possible alternative is the miniature BRK DICON SA410LLI Interlinkable Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with "Alarm Pause" & Lithium Battery.
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The Dicon 440 SRIM photoelectric (optical) smoke alarm use aproven concept, the scattered light principle, to "see" smoke within the alarm chamber.
NOW UPGRADED to the 441SRIM with enhanced optical sensor
A regulated pulse of infrared light from a light emitting diode (LED) is introduced into a darkened smoke alarm chamber approximately every ten seconds to form a precise beam. When smoke enters this chamber, it interferes with the beam and scatters the light. The amount of light scattered within the chamber is monitored by a
strategically placed photodiode. When a predetermined level of light strikes the photodiode, the alarm is activated.
The unique smoke chamber design virtually eliminates ambient tight interference in a normal home environment, but still allows easy access for smoke particles from all sides and results in an extremely sensitive and stable smoke alarm.

12-28 Volts DC operation.
Operating Lights (LED) - A red light flashes approximately every 45 seconds to confirm that the smoke alarm is receiving power.
Interconnection - Interconnection facilities for up to 11 other units. When one alarm sounds, all properly interconnected smoke alarms follow.
Alarm Source Indicator - The red operating light in the unit originating the alarm will flash rapidly in the event of an alarm. With interconnected units, an easy check to determine the originator.
Sensitivity Test Button, Tests sensitivity, as well as circuitry and horn. With interconnected units, activating test button on one unit will-cause all-units to sound. An important and convenient check of system integrity:
Relay Form: Type C normally open/normally closed
Maximum Relay Loading: Current I ampere. Voltage 30 Volts DC
Activation Delay:The alarm sounds for approximately 12 seconds before the relay is activated, allowing for periodic testing.
Activation Period: The nominal configuration of the 440SRIM provide for momentary activation of the relay (i.e. after the activation delay period the relay will switch for approximately 8 seconds after which time the relay will return to standby state).
Latching Relay Mode: The relay default setting can be adjusted to provide latching contacts by cutting the brown wire link. In standard mode, the relay contacts remain activated for the duration of the alarm, after the activation delay period.


Sensor: Photoelectric
Alarm Sound Level: 85dB (A) at 3 metres
Operating Voltage: 12-28 Volts DC
Standby Current: 10 mA
Alarm Current: 80 mA
Test Button: Tests sensitivity, circuitry and sounder
Interconnection: Maximum 12 alarms
Temperature Range: 5*C to 39*C
Humidity Range: 10% to 85% Relative Humidity
Dimensions: Diameter 155 mm, Height: 38mm