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Aico RadioLINK Ei411H - Remote Control

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Aico RadioLINK Ei411H - Remote ControlApplications The Ei411 Remote Control is an excellent accessory to help you manage and maintain your smoke alarms. It is designed for use with the RadioLINK range of smoke alarms and bases.The Ei411 Remote Control allows you, from a distance, to:Test the alarms without having to reach up to the smoke alarms on the ceilings.Locate the unit causing the other alarms to sound - this is of great benefit when all the alarms are sounding, particularly at night. The locate function will rapidly identify where the fire is located, as it stops all the alarms except ones sensing fire. This is ideal for larger systems as people nearest the fire can be quickly evacuated and/or the fire controlled if it is small. (The locate button also identifies which alarms have previously sensed fire. This is very useful when trouble-shooting systems of many smoke and/or heat alarms).