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Aico Ei146 "Easi-Fit" Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm

£ 22.55
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Aico Ei146 "Easi-Fit" Mains Powered Optical Smoke AlarmSenses smoke using the light scatter principle - quick response to visible smouldering smoke 230V AC Mains Power Supply Alarm supplied with `Easi-fit` built in surface mounting plate for quick installation Built in sounder to give a minimum sound output of 85dB(A) at 3m Battery compartment is fitted with a ‘battery missing device’ - prevents installation without battery Battery is connected to alarm as unit slides onto mounting plate Interconnection capability up to 12 units, ionisation, optical or heat Manual integral test/hush button to test circuitry, sensor and horn and activate all interconnected alarms in the system 'Hush' feature to silence nuisance alarms Green LED mains indicator light to confirm mains power supply Red LED will flash every 40 seconds to indicate full auto test of circuitry and battery Low battery warning signal to operate with or without mains power present Anti tamper locking device to prevent unauthorised removal of the alarm without the use of a tool 5 Year Guarantee (limited)