Brass & Chrome Hardware

A range of high quality ventilation grilles in solid brass and chrome plated brass.

Not to be compared to the budget plastic or aluminium ones supplied by the main DIY chain stores.

Available in three main types - plain slotted - hooded louvre - open & close (hit & miss) - in highly polished solid brass and highly polished chrome.
Door Furniture

Door Furniture

Georgian & Victorian style door handles & knobs and other door furniture
Ventilation Grilles

Ventilation Grilles

Solid brass and chrome plated brass.
Plain Slot Ventilation Grilles
Hooded Louvre Ventilation Grilles
Hit & Miss (Open & Close) Ventilation Grilles

Please note that the ventilation grilles offered for sale on our web site are of the highest possible quality - GUARANTEED and are not to be compared with the inferior anodiized aluminium and brass plated ones that can be found in the major diy stores