AICO Ei Professional Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

Aico Ei Professional Ei225EN Mains Powered Carbon Monoxide AlarmApplications

The 225E Series mains powered alarms use a proven electrochemical cell type sensor which checks CO concentration every 50 seconds.

Reaction to CO gas is fast and they recover quickly when CO is no longer present.

All units are individually calibrated in CO gas to ensure accuracy and peak performance and they carry a lifetime 5 year guarantee.

The alarm circuitry is automatically monitored and warns if a fault develops. A Test/Hush button confirms that the horn and electronics are working and silences alarms caused by transient CO levels. The alarm will automatically sound again after 4 minutes if high levels of CO are still present. Additionally a memory feature records if CO has been detected whilst the occupier was away.

To assist landlords with multiple CO installations, testing with CO gas has been made mush easier with the Quick CO Test Mode feature. This reduces the waiting time for testing from as much as 5 minutes down to approximately 20 seconds per alarm, a significant time and cost saving on a large installation.

A built-in pattress with terminal block simplifies installation. The alarms can be surfaced wired without the need for a recessed junction box.

Main Features

  • Advanced Electrochemical Sensor
  • Calibrated and Tested in CO
  • Test/Hush button
  • Comprehensive indicator lights
  • Low and High Level Alarm Indicator
  • Distinctive alarm sound
  • Automatic self checking circuit
  • Memory
  • Quick CO Gas Test
  • Easy to install - Built-in pattress
  • Neat slimline design
  • Suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting
  • No maintenance
  • 5 Year Guarantee
Aico Ei205ENA Battery Powered CO Alarm With MemoryMEMORY FEATURESWhen the button is pressed the unit indicates if it has detected CO as follows:- Green light flashes - no CO detectedRed light flashes slowly every 2 seconds - 150-300ppm CO detectedRed light flashes rapidly every 0.5 second - over 300ppm CO detectedThis helps identify CO leaks (and where they located) more quickly as your home is being monitored even in your absence. Holding the test button (about 20 seconds) until the green light flashes resets the memory feature.FURTHER INFORMATIONMany people are killed each year and many more suffer ill health from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. CO is an odourless, tasteless and extremely toxic gas. It is produced by appliances burning fuels, such as coal, oil, natural/bottled gas, paraffin, wood petrol, diesel, charcoal etc.Apparatus conforming to the BS7860 : 1996 standard may not protect people who are at special risk from Carbon Monoxide exposure by reason of age, pregnancy or medical condition. If in doubt, consult your medical practitioner.A Carbon Monoxide detector is not a substitue for a smoke alarm or a combustible gas detector.The alarm must be installed according to the instructions enclosed with the unit.